BMW 9 Series GT Rendering

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BMW currently doesn’t have a top of a line coupe variant in its line up. The upcoming Mercedes Benz S Class coupe, Aston Martin ONE77 then Ferrari’s all rule the coupe market. Here is a speculative rendering of the BMW 9 Series GT. BMW currently has no plans to make such a model but in future if they plan the model will look like this. BMW 9 Series GT gets a sporty design theme to matches with the performance which this machine offers.

The design of the 9 series GT looks close to the McLaren P1. The front long hood and the small window line along with a sweeping rear end makes the 9 series GT a design master piece. From every angle you look at the 9 series GT the car looks superb and it can compete with any other car in this world for the beauty contest. To increase the muscular look BMW has given 21 inch alloy wheels for the 9 series GT. The body is completely designed in mind keeping the aerodynamics of the 9 series GT.

BMW 9 Series GT is powered by 6 L V12 engine which is placed on the back of front axle connected to a gearbox in the front axle. BMW 9 Series GT has long wheelbase and short overhangs. Then the low driving position helps ideal mass distribution which further helps to increase the dynamics of the 9 series GT. If the 9 series GT came into production then this will be one of the most timeless cars of this century. Stay tuned to for more exclusive news about exotics around the world.

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