FLYWHEEL – the name has been fastened after a long-time thinking as Mr.Hani Musthafa thought that it could be the best suitable tag that can unfold its activities just through the name itself and on top, flywheel being a very important component of any machine that increases its momentum to extract the best out of it. The first episode of Flywheel was aired on Sun Network’s Surya TV on 10th of March 2010. It marked the beginning of a new phase of Auto Show with a new flavour and direction as a massive throng welcomed the spectacle whole heartedly. Flywheel always had a professional team with vibrant automotive background and hence continues to be one of the prominent automobile media house in the country.

Flywheel acquired a number of benchmarks among the auto shows in India and it was the only auto show that brought all kinds of rare and unfamiliar exotic range of automobiles from around the world beginning from two wheelers to commercial vehicles and aircrafts to a living room. Flywheel soon stepped on to its next milestone with the initiation of ‘Euro-Thrills’, a series of episodes that were covered entirely from abroad especially from the European and Middle East countries. This was first and one of its kind series ever brought into action by any auto show in India as it contained not only reviews but also experiencing some of the word class and exquisite manufacturing facilities like Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Truck Plant (world’s largest truck plant), the high performance after market tuning company, Brabus etc.

Mr. Hani Musthafa mesmerized his audience by showcasing vintage collections from around the world and even personal vintage and classic collections. The show displayed various auto attractions like the Mercedes Benz Museum, Porsche Museum, BMW Museum and Welt, Unimog Museum etc. The show also attracted a lot of driving and speeding nuts and enthusiasts as the entertainer and host Mr. Hani Musthafa shared the driving experiences he had been encountering at various Driver-Training Programs- to name a few are the AMG Winter Driver Training in Austria, Land Rover Extreme Off-road Experience -UK, Jaguar Sports Car Training-Nurburgring, BMW Driver Training- Germany etc.

After successfully completing 150 episodes in Surya TV, Flywheel scaled up itself by broadcasting its auto show excellence in Asianet as well, the most prominent satellite channel in Malayalam. The incredible viewership on Asianet opened gates to doing parallel shows on two more south Indian channels - Star Vijay and Suvarna. Thus, the show made a fair distance from being represented ‘regional’ anymore and the extension was a great breakthrough for Flywheel to get to more number of audiences outside Kerala. In a short period of time from then, Flywheel overtook all other auto shows to become the No.1 in South India.

Flywheel’s area of automotive activities today is vast with various in-house clubs like FAST (Flywheel Auto Support Team) and separate wings for motorsports, auto shows and automobile solutions. The multitalented automobile fanatics at Flywheel are too often into off-roading events and cross-countries. Flywheel is soon going to build a chain of multi-brand auto garage initially to be set up in its home town. Thus, it was quite necessary for the team to even think about extending its hands to various areas of digital media as well in order to go hand in hand with time and technology. As a result Flywheel then stepped onto the vibrant online media platform by introducing ‘fly-wheel.com’. Flywheel could thus reach out to the attention of national level followers with the same coverage quality of its shows.

Today, Flywheel Group is having a strong and contemporary Automobile Media Content House that contributes automobile contents to various print, electronic and online platforms. Flywheel enjoys the dedicated commitment of sharing its automobile intelligence to Mathrubhumi Daily, FWD Business Magazine, FWD Life Magazine, Autograph Auto Show and a lot more to come in near future.

Mr. Hani Musthafa (Chief Editor)

One of the most gifted automobile specialist in the country and the Chief Editor of Flywheel. An extreme automobile enthusiast being driven by the power of his unending passion towards automobiles. He has been in and around automobiles ever since he was a kid and that laid the foundation of his growth as an Automobile Expert. His growth was gradual and steady being a freelance in the beginning alongside involving in his family business during 2002. The next few years turned out to be a turning point in his life where he entered into doing TV Shows in the name, Flywheel by 2010. The show has been a massive success and became one of a kind in the country. Today he holds the bridle of his famed venture along with Mr. Humayoon Kalliyath, Mr. Augustine Libin Peous and Mr. Aravind Sasidharan who all fall in the category of pure auto nuts.

Hani is the global media member of almost all premium and luxury car manufacturers including Aston Martin, Bugatti, BMW, Brabus, Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce and several other top class car brands. His contribution towards the automobile media over the years has been so remarkable to the extent that he could bring a tremendous change in the face of automobile media in the country. He is also one among the few selected auto journalists in India to have experienced advanced driver training programs like Mercedes-AMG Winter Driver Training in Austria, Extreme Off-road Experience by Land Rover in the UK, and Jaguar and BMW Driver Training at Nurburgring in Germany.