Mercedes AMG is developing a new series of hybrid engines. The new hybrid engines will be part of 53 series of family and later coming to 43 series also. First we will talk about 53 Series which is based on current 3.0 L turbo charged unit. The new engine produces 430 HP of power and 67 HP of electric engine with combined output of 496 HP. This engine also consist of Integrated Starter-Alternator (ISG) and electric auxiliary compressor (eZV) which boosts up 70,000rpm in just 300 milliseconds. This new series of engine will make its debut in next generation CLS and later coming to other models in Mercedes lineup. 

The 43 series of engine is based on current 2.0 L tubocharged unit. This engine also get a high-tech 48V electrical system with an electric-driven turbocharger. We can expect this engine to produce more than 400 HP of power and 500 NM of torque. The new 43 Series engine make its debut in next generation A45 and it can hit 100 kph from stand still in 4 sec and top speed is limited to 250 kph. For the first time the A45 get 9 speed automatic gearbox for seamless shifting. Mercedes will launch this engine with A45 at a later stage which will be in 2019 after the launch of 53 series engines. 

source : Autocar, Automotive new Via Motor1