That was really a stunning dream I had!!!!! It was my sweet and hot dream from long time to feel the drastic ghost performance. And then finally my luck took me to realize it through a dream. I was sitting on the back seat of the dark beast which made me say – Anything is possible! The deep darker luxury which creates the confidence and the wonderful cabin which is purely transformed by the technical fibre fascia enhances the inner beauty. The leather seats were of two tone with black purple pair which catches the eye. I was totally enjoying the ride from back with a luxury comfort and by the same time I was having my coffee. The cabin is darkened with chrome air vents which make the interior and exterior look perfect with a darkness all around. The roof lining was soothing perhaps the night sky itself. Hundrerds of LED lights set in the perforated leather which can be designed accordingly which adds the beauty. Each and everything was perfect fitted to its best without leaving a question. The seats were placed accordingly spacious which is more than enough for a luxury dark ride.

On the technology front, the Ghost has a wi-fi hotspot, offering easy connectivity for any on-the-go data needs. The most exhaustively engineered audio system, The Bespoke Audio System of the ghost was running from one side. I personally feel the audio system was just medium if comparison comes in point.

All these features makes her fit in all ways to drive. It’s 6.6 litre twin turbo v12 engine with 48 valves together with 840 Nm torque and 603hp (450kw) and the fuel management is through direct injection. I was quite busy with the updates of this black which makes me to feel travelling in a ghost rider!!! OMG! Heaven!. There is commensurate buffing of the steering response and suspension but nothing that remotely detracts from the way the Ghost rides. I had a break time to enjoy the outside world and so had a hot tea from a street shop in Bangalore-goa road. Unbelievable style given to the wheels which is an updated one to the Black Badge by both design and construction, being developed over four years. They are made from carbon fiber and lightweight alloy and feature 22 layers of carbon laid in three axes and folded back on themselves at the outer edges.  Needless to say, Rolls-Royce has taken the out-of-the-box route with the Black Badge and did a brilliant job. I’m not a fan of large, bloated sedans, but the Ghost looks outstanding in this all-black suit. Rolls-Royce also meddled with the 8 speed ZF transmission for quicker shifting and 20 percent less heft on the throttle during downshifts. Under braking conditions, the transmission downshifts a few rpm sooner, delivering a more spirited drive. Other upgrades include revised suspension and steering systems, new drive shafts, and enhanced Intuitive Throttle Response. Like any other Ghost, the Black Badge benefits from Rolls-Royce’s already iconic Magic Carpet Ride. The length of the vehicle is about 5399mm and width of 1948mm and the height of the same is about 1550mm. The approximate weight of the vehicle is 2490kg i..e curb weight. Performance figures have yet to be released, but the extra 40 horses and 44 pound-feet should shave a tenth-second off the standard Ghosts 0-to-60 mph sprint. Expect the Black Badge to hit the benchmark in 4.6 seconds, a stunning figure for a vehicle of this size. Top speed likely remained unchanged at 155 mph. The Black Badge also adopts the Wraith's satellite-aided transmission that anticipates the road ahead and shifts based on GPS data. Since shifts are nearly imperceptible anyway, I can never tell if shifts are actually being directed from outer space, but it makes for good cocktail banter. I can attest that, compared with the standard Ghost, the Black Badge's eight-speed hold gears longer for more urgency in flight.

All that I can say about the car is that the deep dark black badge, flying through the darkness taking luxury to a level with a badge being the most powerful ghost ever created. I was not at all satisfied with the incomplete dark dream but quite happy with the imposing murdered out appearance.