2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Teased Ahead Of February Reveal

Little else is known about the new Santa Fe, but Hyundai does make a promise: the new SUV will have the first Rear Occupant Alert system in the automotive industry. Monitoring the rear seats to detect passengers and alert the driver when they are about to leave the car, the new technology will be just one of the novelties the fourth iteration of the model will bring in terms of safety.

Another one is going to be the upgraded rear cross-traffic collision warning benefiting from an automated braking function to stop the car in case something is about to go wrong while the driver is reversing in an a narrow area with poor visibility.


Hyundai promises to release the first revealing images (and possibility more details) with the 2019 Santa Fe next month, with a public debut locked in for the Geneva Motor Show in March. It is believed the company has plans to better differentiate the three-row SUV from the two-row Santa Fe Sport following complaints from customers not being able to tell them apart. Fixing this problem could also mean a new name for the smaller model, while the big one might grow in size a little bit.



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