A brand new initiative from Eicher Trucks & Buses that goes beyond business

A brand new initiative from Eicher Trucks & Buses that goes beyond business
Eicher has always championed new thinking and inventiveness with new benchmarks in the
commercial vehicle industry. Through innovations such as the Canter, first twelve-tire fully built truck
or even BSVI engine technology and advanced telematics (Eicher LIVE), Eicher’s approach has always
embodied a progressive mindset.
Their new philosophy #EicherNayiSoch is aimed at building a strong emotional connect and
strengthen Eicher’s image as a premium and modern brand in the commercial vehicle industry. They
want to use this platform to showcase this new brand philosophy, and inspire all their stakeholders to
embrace this progressive outlook. Eicher would like to recognise all the partners and stakeholders
who have taken the industry towards a forward looking path.
In keeping with the brand promise of ‘Partnering Prosperity’ and developing a strong connect with the
next generation fleet owners and stakeholders, Eicher Trucks & Buses has conceptualized
#EicherNayiSoch 360 degree brand initiative.
It is a comprehensive and collaborative multi-stakeholder initiative to highlight select people and
situations that are driven by ‘progressive thinking’ and connect with the power of ‘nayi soch’.
Today’s trucking industry is rapidly evolving and all the key stakeholders – fleet owners, mechanics and
drivers want to approach business very differently, inculcating new dimensions and systems to create
new levels of efficiency, growth and rewards. Eicher has developed its entire range of next-gen Pro
Series of Heavy Duty trucks and innovative support solutions to complement and enhance ‘nayi soch’
in the industry.
With this brand new initiative, Eicher plans to commemorate the real heroes of the Indian growth
story, who think differently and have brought a societal change and empowered lives with their ‘Soch’.
Through this philosophy, the company aims at forging long-term relationships with not just its
customers, but all the relevant stakeholders of the trucking community.
Currently the B2B business is vastly transaction driven. However, in the past 70 years, there has been
an evolution of the transport business in terms of customer needs. Eicher’s brand promise of
Partnering Prosperity is all about going beyond transactions and being empathic and people-centric,
to forge lifelong partnerships with customers & all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The intent is to
question the norm and relook the traditional practices in a fast evolving business environment.
Business Objective:
Growing economic activity and government’s strong push to infrastructure has increased business
prospects for companies in the industry. Eicher aims at becoming one of the leading players in the
industry, catering to the country’s growing heavy duty requirements, from construction to ecommerce.

The Roll-Out: In the multi-phased execution plan, Eicher plans to reach out to:
Fleet Operators: Felicitate people who make a difference for the community through their ‘nayi soch’.

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