ABB CEO at the MOVE: Global Mobility Summit 2018

ABB Terra HP fast-charging system, can power up a car for 200 km in a single charge of 8 mins

(Excerpts from his speech at the inaugural session)


Ulrich Spiesshofer, Chief Executive Officer of ABB was present here today at the MOVE Global Mobility Summit 2018 at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. He was one of the key industry leaders to deliver his thoughts at the inaugural session in the presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

For the first time in India, ABB showcased the Terra HP fast-charging system, which can power up a car for 200 km in just a single charge in just 8 mins. It is ideally suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations, where the highest power is required to minimize charging time.

In his address, Ulrich commended the Indian government for its ambitious, enlightened vision for transforming the transport system to e-mobility. He further highlighted a few of ABB’s pioneering technologies with which they looks forward to support India’s e-mobility revolution.

Excerpts from his speech at the summit:



–        moving towards a stronger, smarter and greener grid,

–        advancing industrial development through the “Make in India” initiative,

–        and shifting towards a low-carbon, sustainable transport system.

–        Seven years ago we revolutionized electric vehicle charging by using direct current, which reduced charging times to tens of minutes, rather than the many hours needed with AC.

–        Today, ABB has the largest installed base of fast-chargers worldwide – 8,000 stations in 68 countries.

–        A few months ago, at the Hanover industry fair in Germany, we launched a new record-breaking, new Terra High Power EV charger, which is able to deliver enough charge in just eight minutes to power an electric car for 200 kilometers. We’ve brought one of these fast-chargers to this event.

    We are a technology leader in e-mobility for buses: our revolutionary flash-charging TOSA system keeps buses running all day with 20-second bursts at selected stops.

In his closing remarks, Ulrich said that India can leapfrog other nations by embracing e-mobility now, and become a world leader in sustainable transport, while reducing emissions and dependence on imported fossil fuels.  At the same time, India can use e-mobility as a lever to move its industry up the value chain and to drive economic growth.

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