Audi E-Tron Commence Production.

Audi has begun the production of their all electric sports back ahead of its official Reveal on September 17.

Audi has commenced the production of their all electric crossover the Audi E-Tron. The Audi E-Tron will be the production ready fully electric vehicle from the German premium brand. The road-going E-Tron will be unveiled at a special event in San Francisco on September 17.

This important announcement from Audi soon before the launch of EQ C from Mercedes-Benz is a quick reminder of Audi about something really big and exciting is coming sooner. Along with another opportunity for Audi to tease this production ready crossover in Misano Red shade while largely hiding underneath a cover.

The Interiors of the vehicle has been massively previewed, spotting the swanky side camera’s that replaces the conventional mirrors.

This zero-emissions crossover from Audi will pack dual electric motors developing a combined 355 horsepower ) and 561 Newton-meters of torque. For eight seconds, the powertrain can push out 402 hp and 664 Nm once the driver activates the boost model. Audi said that the E-Tron will offer more than 248.5 miles (400 kilometers) in the World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle thanks to a large 95-kWh battery pack, and will do 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in less than six seconds.

It has been said that the E-Tron will go down in history as “the world’s first certified CO2-neutral mass production [vehicle] in the premium segment.” It is also said that in order for avoiding emissions generated during the manufacturing process, Audi uses energy obtained from renewable sources and it also conducts various environmental projects to clean the air in the area. Which being a very environment friendly step taken by Audi showing their responsibility towards the environment.

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