Audi India’s vision ‘Electrified India’ at SIAM Convention

Audi Indian's vision of electric mobility in India.

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) is the apex Industry body representing leading vehicle and vehicular engine manufacturers in India. SIAM is an important channel of communication for the Automobile Industry with the Government, National and International organisations. The Society works closely with all the concerned stake holders and actively participates in formulation of rules, regulations and policies related to the Automobile Industry.

The premium automobile manufacturer Audi in India presented their vision about an electric india with their project ‘Electrified India, speaking about the same Mr.Rahil Ansari,Head of Audi India said  “It was pleasant to receive positive signals from the Government on Electric vehicles and about their support to the automobile industry. With Audi’s global focus towards electric mobility, our project ‘Electrified India’ is already underway and we are in a position to launch the ‘Audi e-tron’ as soon as 2019-2020, subject to conducive market conditions. Additionally, we would like to ask the Government to support the luxury car makers through reduction of taxes so that they are more accessible to customers. Higher sales will mean further investment in the business, the launch of new products, expansion of our network and in the process creating more jobs. This will also benefit the Government in terms of increased tax because of increased sales volumes.”

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