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Beast and the Beauty-The Autograph movie

The tale of beauty and the beast has been as old as time, but the tale that we have for you is not just enumerated with time! It is the story of two existent legends. Yes! The beastly Gelandewagen(aka: G-63 AMG) and beautifully Sonderklasse(aka: S-class Maybach 650)

Story board

The prominent business tycoon has a great affection towards his Mercedes siblings, code-named as the Beast and the Beauty. But time has done something inauspicious! The notorious gangsta in the town has always an eye on his beauty, when the fortune opens the pavement to access the beauty, they made the right move. Yes! the beauty was plundered by the gangsta squad.

The mogul want his beauty back! In fact the beauty is considered to be as important as his business empire. So he need a right warrior for this pursuit, but he has no more alternative for this quest! The choice is always the Beast. The mighty G-class accompanied the mogul in order to hold the gorgeous S-class Maybach back. Finally he succeeded in the counter and solely reinstate the beauty into his garage.

Our Inspiration

The Mercedes Benz brand is considered to be embodiment of tradition and innovation. The reputation of Mercedes Benz models; The S-class and G- class in the automotive arena is boundless. The innovations that we seen through the S-class generations is ahead of time, while the lands we conquered by the G-class is abundant.  

The S650 MAYBACH is the ultimate luxury iteration of the S-model,while the G-63 AMG is the distinctively packed offroader in the G lineup.

We inspired by the contributions made by these two legends and planned to give a tribute called the ‘Beast and the Beauty’. It is our first of a kind attempt to dramatize an automotive review and we are blissful to start a new venture called ‘Autograph the movie series’.

Watch our full video episode here!

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