Two years into the production of the ChironBugatti has revealed the even more extreme Chiron Sport version. It doesn’t have additional power, but thanks to a number of other improvements, the French manufacturer says, it’s significantly faster on corners.

The supercar now benefits from a new dynamic handling package and a revised and stiffer suspension. The latter uses a new control strategy for the shock absorbers, which react 10 percent more stiffly than the “standard” Chiron on average. The new settings can be experienced in the Handling driving mode.

The car now also features a dynamic torque vectoring function, which distributes torque individually to each single wheel, “significantly improving the steering behavior” in curves. These improvements are effective in all driving modes.

The Chiron Sport is also lighter by 40 pounds (18 kilograms) than the other Chirons. This is possible thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber for the wheels and intercooler cover, as well as newly developed windscreen wipers. Bugatti proudly says it’s the first manufacturer in the industry to develop a carbon fiber windscreen wiper, which saves up to 77 percent of the weight of a conventional wiper. The Chiron Sport also has lighter glass in the rear window and a lighter exhaust deflector.

The exotic automaker claims all these improvements make the Chiron Sport five seconds faster than the “base” Chiron model on Bugatti’s Nardo test track. Cornering speeds in excess of 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) have been registered.


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