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Celebrating 50 years of 4×4 originality

A tribute to Range Rover’s craftsmanship

It was the 60’s when Range Rover started working on the idea of mass manufacturing 4×4’s. 5o years later the carmaker has evolved to become an icon in the SUV market space. Back in the ’60s when they first thought of blending the comfort of the Rover Saloon with the off-road dynamism of a Land Rover, they first gave birth to a car that fits in the 4×4 leisure market. Range Rover to date remains the original 4×4 in the world. To unfold 50 years of style, elegance, and brute power, Range Rover came with a limited version of the current model christened 50.

In the 50-year lifespan Range Rover has won a lot of accolades and achieved numerous feats.

  • When it was launched it was the first SUV to have a permanent 4WD system.
  • In 1989, it became the first 4×4 to come with ABS (anti-lock braking system).
  • In 1992, it became the first 4×4 to be fitted with electronic traction control and automatic electronic air suspension.
  • In 2012, it became the world’s first SUV to feature all-aluminum lightweight construction.

Other major feats include crossing the notorious ‘Darien Gap’. It was also the first vehicle to be showcased at the Louvre museum in Paris. The carmaker has also won the Paris-Dakar rally twice. Ever since its inception, the brand has evolved into becoming a marquee for selling some of the most likable vehicles. It has a cult following largely on account of its unique and pioneering capabilities making it a motoring icon.

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