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Connectivity for fleets of all brands with “connect business”

  • Connecting the entire vehicle fleet, no matter which brand
  • Hardware is easy to retrofit in the engine compartment and enables use of a digital logbook and GPS-based functions

Stuttgart. Since 2017, Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH, as part of Daimler Financial Services AG, has been offering connectivity services for Mercedes-Benz car fleets under the brand name “connect business”. With the new retrofit hardware the fleet services can now be used across all brands. The price of the “connect business connector” is 179 euros, excluding installation. Fitted in the vehicle’s engine compartment, the box can be removed without leaving any trace and be reused in another vehicle. The multi-brand solution allows fleet managers to connect their entire fleet and, as a result, control it more efficiently. The advantages for fleet operators are clear: one solution for all vehicles and all brands.

“Our retrofit multi-brand solution is an important part of our product portfolio, as few fleets are made up of just one vehicle brand. Thus, we provide fleet managers with a complete overview of all of their vehicles,” explains Christoph Ludewig, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH.

The multi-brand solution allows fleet managers to use the connect business services “Vehicle Logistics”, “Driver Messaging” and “Digital Driver’s Log”. This means that fleet managers always know the current location of their vehicles, can transmit information to their drivers and are able to use the electronic logbook to realise significant savings both for the company and its employees. At the moment the solution will be available in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Matthias Arndt, Managing Director of Arndt Automobile GmbH, has already had the opportunity to use the new hardware and the connect business services for his fleet and is impressed with the new capabilities. His conclusion: “We have been using the connect business services for some time now for our Mercedes-Benz vehicles and are very happy with it. The fact that we are now able to connect our entire fleet makes ‘connect business’ the ideal solution.”

This multi-brand solution marks another milestone for Daimler Financial Services on the road to becoming an integrated, multi-brand mobility service provider. The planned investment in the used car platform heycar and the proposed mobility joint venture with BMW will mean that many services will be available via other brands’ digital platforms in future in order to reach new target groups. With Athlon as a brand-neutral fleet specialist and the connectivity services of “connect business”, Daimler Financial Services AG offers fleet customers an integrated portfolio.

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