DS X E-Tense Is A Gorgeous 1,341-HP Performance EV From 2035

Remember the Lamborghini Egoista from almost five years ago? That one too was a radical high-performance concept car with just one seat, but that’s where the similarities with the DS X E-Tense end. PSA’s premium brand has used its crystal ball to see into the future, specifically the year 2035. While the concept car has been envisioned primarily as a single-seater, the flexible cabin can be modified to accommodate a couple of passengers and thus give the eye-catching concept a more practical three-seat layout..

As you’d come to expect from a futuristic concept, the DS X E-Tense has been envisioned with an advanced autonomous mode turning the driver into a passenger whenever he doesn’t feel like driving. Thankfully, there’s still a manual mode allowing the person behind the wheel to make the most out of the two electric motors installed in each front wheel and generating a massive combined output of 1,341 horsepower (1,000 kilowatts). The maximum output is available only when the concept is in “Circuit” mode, while for road use the electric motors are dialed down to a more earthly 536 hp (400 kW).

The concept’s party piece is a transparent electro-chromatic glass floor providing the driver with a closer connection to the road while being cocooned in the finest leather DS can offer. Wood and metal further enhance the sense of luxury, as does the ventilated and massing seat for the passenger enclosed in a capsule.

2035 is still a long way to go, but if the DS X E-Tense is any indication of how cars will look in 17 years from now, then there are a lot of reasons to get excited about the future. Hopefully, we will still be allowed to “manually” drive our cars…


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