Ducati India successfully completes India’s only individual track rider training with Ducati certified instructors

The DRE Racetrack Training in India was spearheaded by Ducati Certified trainers, Gurvinder Singh and Anand Dharmaraj.

New Delhi: Luxury motorcycle brand Ducati successfully conducted its first DRE Racetrack Training in India. The one of its kind training sessions were spread over two days – 27th and 28th April 2019 at Buddh International Circuit, Noida and saw participation from Ducati riders.

The training was spearheaded by Ducati Certified trainers, Gurvinder Singh and Anand Dharmaraj who specialize in race track training. Both the trainers recently underwent a rigorous training programme and complex riding drills in Thailand, specifically designed by Ducati’s global DRE instructors.

The full day, one-on-one training had 5 sessions each where Ducatistis were taught about the important techniques of riding on track such as correct riding position, correct view, braking, acceleration, braking position, pace management, racing line, etc.

4 riders were certified with a DRE certificate of completion after undergoing rigorous training on the racetrack. On day 1 of the training, Prashant Kumar became a DRE certified rider on Monster 795 and Hansveer Chandok on 899 Panigale. On Day 2, Amit Sadh, Bollywood celebrity joined the training on Panigale V4 along with Neharika Yadav, India’s leading litre class female rider on 899 Panigale.

Sergi Canovas, Managing Director of Ducati India said“The DRE individual training program is like no other currently available in India. This gives access to Ducati Owners to train individually with one trainer for the entire day. This not only gives the Ducatisti the opportunity to pick up more knowledge than in group sessions but also helps them in working on their individual weak spots during the personalized sessions. We are looking to develop motorsports in India and the same can be done by not only providing the best motorcycles for the job but also by training the Indian riders to further develop their skills to ride faster and safer. To develop the sport further in India, we will continue these training sessions over the year along with a full DRE Track day coming soon. Once riders have upped their riding skills, they will be more competitive at the soon to be held Ducati cup as well as this year’s JK tyre racing championship.”

Gurvinder Singh, DRE Certified Racetrack Instructor, added “It was a great experience and honor to train young riding enthusiasts who were keen learners and were thrilled to learn new techniques and skills. I firmly believe that there is great talent in India and rider training like this will eventually help them in developing their riding skills.”

Anand Dharmaraj, DRE Certified Racetrack Instructor also said, “The first DRE Racetrack training was very exciting, and these trainings will go a long way in building exceptional riders’ skills for the Indian rider. As a trainer, I feel that a lot of Ducati riders are taking up this sport and are further enhancing their riding skills which will work as an enabler for more people to pick up this sport.”

The DRE was born on the racetrack and so it is here that it continues to offer a very important part of the ‘experience’, thanks to the different courses subdivided according to the ability and needs of participants. The DRE Racetrack focuses on teaching, enjoyment and adrenaline where riders are provided world class training from the most revered riders on the racetrack, while riding the most beautiful and high-performance bikes in the Ducati Superbike family.

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