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‘Eicher Trucks and Buses’ initiative to encourage women drivers in Indian transportation sector.

As a part of growing trend on women showing their interest in Opting Commercial Vehicles Driving as a Profession, especially buses. The Eicher Motors has done their deep contribution to fulfil this desire by starting driver training schemes and other assistance programmes.

For instance, In Mumbai, two lady drivers are effectively driving Eicher Midi bus Pro3010 . The bus they driven is equipped with an AMT(Automated Manual Transmission) system, which helps them to drive through the hectic Mumbai traffic much effortlessly by eliminating the frequent gear shifts and clutch pedal usage. They were hired under the famous Tejasvini bus scheme for women, are driving 230 kms per day, having trained at Eicher’s training module. Such is the growth of women drivers being seen in some states such as Maharashtrra that are actively working for the cause of breaking gender stereotypes.

There are lot of challenges faced by them during their pursuit, for instance, the heavy traffic in the city and the actions done by inattentive bikers. However, they were managed to overcome all these difficulties through the extensive training and the driver assistance facilities offered by the buses. In case of breakdown during their voyage, Road side assistance are provided through a toll-free number system. Moreover, they are trained to troubleshoot small breakdowns.

On the importance of driver training, B Srinivas, Sr. Vice President, BUS – Sales & Marketing, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “The automotive industry currently faces an acute shortage of skilled drivers, especially in the city bus segment. The Driver Training initiatives highlights our commitment to the driver education and up skilling as well as employment generation in the industry. Through these training program, these drivers overcome the skills gap required to obtain licenses to drive heavy commercial vehicles which widens the scope of opportunities available to them”

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