Electric mobility deflating expenses for Indian commuters

The equilibrium of the Indian two wheeler market is shifting towards embracing innovations, the chief one being e-mobility. With fuel prices going sky high, this second largest market is cutting ties with conventional sources of power and adopting the pocket friendly concept of e-transportation. Electric mobility has enthralled the world as it costs less than half of their gasoline counterparts. They also spew out zero gas emissions, making them a brilliant alternative for sustainable fuels.

We are heading towards the era where resources, especially petrochemicals, are depleting.  Due to these difficulties at hand, the automobile industry is incorporating a sense of environmental conscience and is providing the consumers with options of electric vehicles:

  1. Okinawa Praise: Okinawa aims to deliver a perfect combination of power, performance and sustainability through their e-scooter ‘Praise’. Their vehicle gives a speed of 70kmph, a massive range of 170-200kms per charge and is revolutionizing the two wheeler domain through its state of the art technological advances.
  1. Ather 450: Ather Energy works towards shaping urban commute through revolutionizing vehicles and using electricity to enable efficient commuting. Their e- scooter Ather 450 delivers an 80 kmph speed, a range of 75kms and an option for ‘reverse mode’.

  1. Hero Electric Photon: Hero Electric works towards making the country greener and environment cleaner by providing a ‘zero pollution’ electric scooters. Their product ‘Photon’ provides a range of 80 Kms, a 100 CC engine and kerb weight of 111 Kgs under INR 48,000.

  1. Okinawa Ridge:  Okinawa has brought a combination of pioneering technology and the cutting edge designs for the endearing Indian commuter. Their e-scooter ‘Ridge’ offers a charge time of 6-8 hours, a range of 200kms, a speed of 75kmph and zero engine oil cost.

  1. 22 Motors ‘Flow’: 22Motors aims at ‘riding ahead of time’ and constantly tries to infuse technology in automobiles. They wish to facilitate commuting by providing their model ‘Flow’ that is powered by a 2.1kW electric motor, has a light weight of 85 Kgs and a payload of 150 Kg, all under INR 60,000. 

Contradictory to popular thinking, e-vehicles deliver the same levels of performance and give an increased range as the ones that consume conventional fuels.  The time is ticking as we inch closer and closer to exhausting our money and resources on commuting. It’s about time that we join hands with these options for a better future.

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