Ferrari introduce the SF71H

The SF71H builds on the foundations of last year’s multi-race winning SF70H, albeit with several noticeable differences. The most obvious visual change is a return to a traditional all-red livery, with the new-for-2018 halo also painted in the colour.

However, closer inspection reveals plenty of significant changes to the chassis, with the car having both a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, as well as an even more aggressive sidepod design, a revised cooling system and updated aerodynamics.

The suspension follows Ferrari’s tried and tested practice of using push-rods at the front and pull-rods at the rear, however, the team say their design has been updated based on experience gained during the first season running Pirelli’s wider tyres.

“We designed a car that was somehow performing very well on low speed circuits, but we knew we had to work on new areas of development. For example, trying to develop the car to be strong in performance on the high-speed circuits, but also on reliability.


Source: Ferrari 



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