Fly-Wheel Auto Awards 2020: Reader’s choice poll is live now!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Readers choice Car of the Year 2020

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Fly-Wheel Bike of The Year 2020- Reader's Choice

The year 2020 marks the 6th edition of Flywheel Auto Awards, and we continues honoring the best automobile products launched in Indian market in the year 2019 through our exclusive Flywheel Auto awards-2019. The car awards are categorized into 21 divisions with an award for Electric cars for the first time by our expert jury members administrated by our cheif editor, Hani Musthafa & Editor Aravind Sasidharan.

Our other jury members are at the top of their respective fields and all passionate about cars and bikes.

Car Juros

  1. Hani Musthafa
  2. Sreekumar S
  3. Vivek Venugopal
  4. Aravind Sasidharan
  5. Dilip Rogger
  6. Roshan Mathew
  7. Thajmal Gaffoor
  8. Srigandh Sathish Chandra
  9. Aju Mohammed
  10. Humayun Kalliyath
  11. Augustine Libin Peous
  12. Hashim & Hisham (The racing twins)

Bike Juros

  1. Hani Musthafa
  2. Dilip Rogger
  3. Avin Richards
  4. Vivek Venugopal
  5. Roshan Mathew
  6. Hashim M
  7. Vipin P Vijay
  8. Aravind Sasidharan

The Flywheel Awards 2020 are also an opportunity for our valuable followers to take part in this auspicious event by marking their opinion through the online voting system.

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