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Geely Commercial Vehicle Brand, Yuan Cheng Auto, Officially Launches World’s First M100 Methanol Heavy Truck

27 April 2019, Nanchong, Sichuan – Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group (GCV) subsidiary brand Yuan Cheng Auto announced the launch and sale of the world’s first M100 methanol fuel heavy truck produced at GCV’s Nanchong Plant. The new commercial vehicle is offered in three variants, standard, mountain, and regional logistics version.

The development of methanol vehicles is an important measure in energy diversification and more efficiently utilize natural resources. Yuan Cheng methanol heavy trucks are equipped with M100 methanol engines which are more environment friendly than diesel whilst the sources of methanol are more diverse with it being derived cleanly from coal, natural gas, or even by recycling carbon dioxide. With the support of Geely Holding Group’s global R&D network and mature technologies, Yuan Cheng’s first methanol heavy truck is set to become a benchmark within its segment

Geely has been developing methanol fuel powertrains for 15 years and have full intellectual property rights on M100 methanol fuel power technologies. Yuan Cheng methanol heavy trucks is powered by a Weichai-based heavy duty engine with Geely methanol power technologies. The engine has a B10 lifetime rating of over 1 million kilometers and uses the same components as those from mainstream heavy truck manufacturers.

In terms of power performance, Yuan Cheng methanol heavy trucks uses a 12.54L large displacement engine with a maximum power of 460PS and can climb a maximum incline of 30°, comparable to current diesel models. In addition, it utilizes advanced technologies such as turbocharged intercoolers, closed-loop air-fuel ratio control, EGR cooling system, three-way catalytic converters, etc resulting in high performance, low fuel consumption, high reliability, and low emissions.

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