Genesys, India’s 1st LiDAR Engineering and leading Geospatial Services Company, completes its first large-scale HD Mapping project in North America.

It’s the 1st Indian company to develop HD Maps enabling residents access self- driving taxis at their doorstep

Mumbai headquartered, Genesys International Corporation recently completed extensive HD mapping of road and street network for an Autonomous Driving project for a community.

The HD map with high precision navigational geometry and 360° Panoramic Imagery will bring a door-to-door self-driving taxi service to the residents of the community who will have the ability to request a self-driving car to their doorstep and then travel anywhere within the bounds of the community fully autonomously.

These HD Maps are created from LiDAR source data which consists of billions of pixels or commonly referred to as a point cloud. These billions of data points are curated to extract the features to create a machine-readable image of the road as well as the entire surrounding environment – and as such, a nearly a unique “fingerprint” of every stretch of road.

Autonomous vehicles are foreseen as the future of transportation and most leading automakers and a host of new startups have joined the race towards becoming the first ones to reach there. Creating an environment for technological disruptions to make mobility more smarter have become the new normal. Amidst this, such innovations put India on the global map and provide a platform to create strong homegrown technological infrastructure.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Kuldeep Moholkar, CEO-Designate, Genesys International Corporation, said “HD Maps are the next generation maps that enable, aid and guide autonomous cars to self-drive and navigate. Autonomous vehicles are the future of transportation and HD Maps are the core of tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. We, at Genesys, look forward to coming up with more such path-breaking innovations in the near future”

While Autonomous cars will have the capability to execute routine tasks more efficiently, real-time decision making on roads needs much more details. That’s where HD Maps provide guidance and positioning mechanisms to the vehicles. HD Maps aid the autonomous vehicle in the real-time decision-making capability, by localizing the earth spatially and letting the vehicle know the ground truth of its exact location and guiding the vehicle to align to the road, when to drive, where to head and when to stop, thereby eliminating human intervention.

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