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Innovation cotinues to drive John Deere’s 20-years success in India

PUNE, India: Over the past two decades in India, John Deere has invested in state of the art factorires2, innnovative products and new service to help Indian farmers be more productive. The lastest example being four wheel drive tractors whoch offers advanced technology’s and features.

The introduction of new tractor is Deere’s example of providing value to the farmers in India with advanced technology offering farmers with wide range of solutions including tractors,harvesting and implements.

“Our journey in India began 20 years ago with the introduction of advanced products featuring power steering, oil immersed disk brakes, planetary reduction, force feed lubrication and high torque machines. ” said Sarish Nadiger, managing director. “John deere was the first to introduce these in India and they have now industry standard.”

Nadiger said, “Deere is proud to have helped lead India from subsistence farming to Agri-entrepreneurship.”

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