Kerala Floods; Amara Raja Group accelerates relief efforts.

Kerala and its people were affected by the worst floods in over a century. The receding rains have put the state under a huge task of rehabilitation. As a responsible corporate citizen, Amara Raja Group is committed to support all the victims of this calamity.

The corporate has undertaken several initiatives to salvage the on-ground situation. The employees have also donated their one day’s salary to support the efforts of relief operations.

In such situations, the most disturbing thing for people is their inability to connect with their family and friends. To help the cause, the group deployed ‘Emergency charging stations’ which people can use to charge their phones and stay connected with their near and dear ones. In addition to the 100 emergency charging stations that are already dispatched to Ernakulam, Wayanad and Idukki districts, there are 400 more which will be dispatched, requirement basis. Yesterday, as per a request, 50 more charging stations were dispatched from Tirupati to Alleppey, Kerala.

In addition to the charging stations, Amara Raja has put together ‘Rehabilitation kits’ containing various household essentials, such as steel utensils, cloths etc. 1500 rehabilitation kits have been dispatched till date. They are currently being distributed at Alleppey and Kuttanad in Kerala.

The Group’s employees are deeply involved in the packing and dispatching of relief materials. Field employees are deploying and distributing the same among the affected communities. Kudos to one and all who have contributed to this noble cause. Amara Raja is also taking steps to put together the one day salary contributions received from various employees and the contributions from all the Companies. The sum will be donated to the Kerala State Relief Fund.

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