The Renault Experience Centre in India is a first-of- its-kind immersive tech and innovation experience centre aimed at enhancing customer engagement

Driven by the culture of ‘Passion and Innovation’, Renault, the number One European automotive brand in India, announced the launch of the Renault Experience Centre at Phoenix Marketcity in Mumbai. This is a global first and stands testament to Renault’s long-term commitment to India and its importance in the Group’s global expansion plans.Commenting on the global debut of the Renault Experience Centre, Mr. Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and Managing Director, Renault India Operations, said, “India is an important market for Groupe
Renault and over the last few years, we have invested heavily to ensure that we have a strong foundation
in this challenging and dynamic market. The Renault Experience Centre is a first-of- its kind concept by
Renault across the globe and there are plans to replicate the same in other countries as well. It is a
classic example of how digital disruptions and innovations are transforming the way consumers’ access
services and products, whilst enhancing the overall experience of interacting with the brand. It represents
a vision for future showrooms, where customers would be able to experience the car and make their car
buying decisions with the help of digital technologies.”
The major attraction at the Renault Experience Centre will be the display of the Formula One car,
demonstrating Renault’s passion for Motorsport. Together with this, the Renault Experience Centre will
have a plethora of digital and exciting customer-engagement activities. There will also be chance to catch
a glimpse of the exciting world of Renault and the rich heritage of the brand. The Renault Experience
Centre will showcase Renault’s customized and innovative global line-up of vehicles, through a true to life
Virtual Reality experience. Customers can also explore a wide variety of merchandise, accessories, take
test drives and also book the car of their choice.
Spread over an area of more than 4,500 sq. ft, the Renault Experience Centre aims to deliver a
memorable experience to customers by harnessing the prowess of digital tools. The centre will allow
visitors to experience a unique and thrilling virtual experience of the brand, through a wide array of
innovative zones.

These include –
 Formula One – Enter the zone – an exclusive pit-stop environment experienced in an engaging
manner using virtual reality
 Formula One VR Drive Experience – a driving experience of a Formula One car using virtual reality
 Gang of DUSTERs VR zone – an off-roading experience in the valley of Leh in a DUSTER using
virtual reality
 Virtual Test Ride zone – an opportunity to test ride – KWID, DUSTER, LODGY or CAPTUR in a
virtual environment
 Virtual Walk Around zone – a walk around the Renault cars (KWID, DUSTER, LODGY or
CAPTUR), exploring the interiors and exteriors
 Custom@RENAULT zone – exploring details of Renault cars and customizing them as per choice
before booking
 Do You Know Renault – a deep-dive into the history of Renault since 1898

Over the last few years, Renault has focused on establishing a strong base in India. Together with a
strong product offensive strategy led by KWID and the recently launched stylish SUV, CAPTUR, Renault
has been continuously undertaking strategic measures across all key business dimensions, ranging from
product, network expansion, pioneering customer oriented activities and several innovative marketing
initiatives to ensure unmatched customer satisfaction.
In addition, Renault India has undertaken many first-of- its-kind after-sales initiatives to offer a seamless
brand ownership experience to its customers. To this effect, the company has introduced a slew of
initiatives including Renault SECURE, Renault ASSIST, Workshop on Wheels (WoW), Passion on
Wheels (PoW), customer apps and regular customer service camps.
With a strong ‘India-centric’ product strategy, Renault has robust plan to keep pace with evolving
customer preferences and welcome more customers in the Renault family, reflecting its long-term
commitment to the Indian market.

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