For the second year, American sportswear brand GANT is the official sponsor and outfitter of the world’s most renowned car race: Le Mans. This year GANT has the honor of expanding its sponsorship to include not only 24H of Le Mans but also Le Mans Classic. For the races, which take place in June and July in Le Mans, France, GANT has created two capsule collections: the GANT x 24 H Collection and the GANT x Classic Collection.

The 2018 collaboration between GANT and Le Mans is inspired by teamwork – a shared value for both brands. Teamwork is essential at Le Mans. From the preparation to the pit stops, it’s the driver with the best team that takes the checkered flag. For GANT, teamwork is the key to creating a great collection. From the initial designs to selecting the right fabrics and tailoring the perfect garment, teamwork makes it happen.

“This year’s collaboration is inspired by the idea that, with teamwork, you can make the impossible possible,” says GANT CEO Patrik Nilsson. “GANT and Le Mans are two authentic brands with a long history of innovation who know that the best way to succeed is through teamwork.”

Last year GANT initiated a partnership with illustrator and graphic designer Jonas Bergstrand. For 2018 Jonas has created four posters that capture different aspects of teamwork at Le Mans. As with all of GANT’s collections, the GANT x Le Mans capsule collections target a style-conscious consumer with an active lifestyle. The collections include sporting and technical features. Shades of blue and gray with fresh elements of red, green and white are the key colors and evoke the classic GANT brand.

The collections will also highlight the top six winning nationalities at Le Mans: Germany, France, Italy, Japan, USA and the UK. This is showcased by a special color scheme and multiple badges. The lead piece is the iconic Piqué with the option to change the badge depending on which country you support.

The first 24 H of Le Mans race took place in 1923 and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious sports car races in the world. After a short break in the mid-20th century due to the Second World War, the 24 H of Le Mans race was relaunched in 1949, the same year that the lifestyle brand GANT was founded in New Haven, US. Le Mans Classic is a tribute to the long history of Le Mans. On the race track are cars that competed in Le Mans 24 H between the years 1923-1979. Held every second year, Le Mans Classic has become a public favorite.

The GANT x Le Mans 24 H and GANT x Classic Collection is priced at INR 2,499 upwards and will be available at GANT stores and online on

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