Maruti Suzuki Baleno to be sold as Toyota

Yes, The Japanese giant automotive manufacturer who has grown their deep roots over the years in the Indian Automotive Industry will be tying there knot with the prominent brand Toyota in India, However the decision has already been taken between both the brands at their headquarters in Japan and the first vehicle to be launched will be the Baleno.

Starting things off Suzuki will be supplying 20,000 to 25,000 units of Baleno car’s each year to Toyota’s local unit The vehicle, which is currently produced at Suzuki’s factory in Gujarat, is speculated to undergo minor changes in its exteriors and interiors such as head lamps, tail lamps and front grill’s.

Indian Auto Blogs Rendering of the Toyota Baleno.

Here, The Front end has completely undergone cosmetic changes adopting a bigger grill which is a current trend being followed by many manufacturer’s. The grill on this one looks similar to that of the Toyota Crysta. The side  look’s almost unchanged,while the extended part of the tail-lamps looks to have undergone some tweaks.

Cartoq rendering of the Toyota Baleno.

Here,a simple change in the front grill of the ongoing Baleno with the grill as that of the Toyota Prius is done to make the car look that it comes from the Toyota family.


Cardekho Rendering of the Toyota Baleno.

In this Rendering image of  the Toyota Baleno is made to look as sporty as it can with larger front vents led projector head lamps with DRL’s, blacked out Alloy wheels, Dual Tone Body treatment all of them giving it a very sporty Stance.

Besides,Baleno Suzuki is also planning to supply its compact suv Vitara Brezza for there “tweaking outward” program as they call insted of cross-badging . Similarly toyota will also be supplying their mid-size sedan Corolla to Suzuki as part of this program.

Toyota Vitara Brezza Rendering by Indian Auto Blog, what the Toyota badged version of the Brezza may look like.

The concept of cross-badging in India is not some thing that has worked its way out as seen with the alliances of Renault-Nissan and Volkswagen-Skoda despite the fact they being Sister Company’s . Only time can tell this tie-up between Suzuki and Toyota will be a make or break,and If this ever happened it will the first time ever in History Two independent manufacturers from Japan Uniting marking a special and rare moment to be witnessed by the Indian automotive industry.

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