Maruti Suzuki inaugurates an integrated water-supply system in Hansalpur village

Scarcity of water, a basic amenity,   was identified as a critical need by Maruti Suzuki India Limited, in Hansalpur village in Mehsana. To address the water scarcity Maruti Suzuki with support from village community and local authorities, designed and developed an integrated water-supply system.  The new system, will ensure smooth and regular supply of fresh water to the entire village of 520 households constituting over 2,800 people.

Predominantly, the system comprises of an underground storage tank and a bore well for pumping ground water, an over-head water supply tank and an extensive network of water pipelines to enable supply of water at doorstep. A predefined schedule will be followed to supply water so that each family gets adequate water to meet their daily need.  The Company has invested around Rs 3.3 Crore in this project.

Shri Lakhabhai Bharwad, MLA, Viramgam, inaugurated the integrated water-supply system project in the presence of village Sarpanch Smt Madhiben Kanuji Thakor, panchayat members, community representatives, village elders and senior officials from Maruti Suzuki.

Dedicating the water supply system to the Hansalpur community, Mr A K Tomer, Executive Director, Corporate Planning, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “A need assessment with the village leaders and community members indicated that water scarcity was a major issue in Hansalpur. Earlier water supply was very erratic, the pipelines had punctures due to which many households could not get water for more than 5 to 10 days. Summers meant acute water shortage, the village women had to travel 6 kms, away from the village, to fetch water. The whole situation was in need of desperate refurbishment. With inputs from the village leaders, community and support from the local authorities, we designed a water supply system that will store and supply regular water to every household in the village. The scientifically designed pipeline network ensures there are no breakages and water flow is smooth.”

“I thank the village sarpanch Smt Madhiben Kanuji Thakor, panchayat members, community representatives and the local authorities for their support and trust in us. It was with their inputs and suggestions that we were able to successfully implement the project.” He added.

 In recent years, Maruti Suzuki has implemented various Community development projects in Hansalpur village. These include over 470 Individual household toilets and a 10-stage self-sustainable Water-ATM constructed by the Company, to provide clean and safe drinking water. Under the community initiatives, Maruti Suzuki constructed a concrete road and installed over 180 solar street lights in Hansalpur.

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