Mercedes-Benz delivers more than 200,000 vehicles in a November for the first time

Stuttgart. For the first time, global sales by Mercedes-Benz passed the mark of 200,000 units in a November: deliveries of 209,058 cars constitute an increase of 5.3%. Not only was a new record high reached for the month, but unit sales also increased by 1.4% in the period of January to November. Last month and also since the beginning of the year, the previous year’s sales were exceeded in the three largest markets: China, Germany and the United States. Important growth drivers for Mercedes-Benz unit sales in November were compact cars and SUVs, among other things due to new models such as the A-Class Saloon, the B-Class, the GLC and the GLE.

In the first eleven months of the year, Mercedes-Benz maintained its market leadership in the premium segment in markets including Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Republic of South Africa and other markets.

“With convincing products and the impetus from our model offensive with compact cars and SUVs, we have started the year-end spurt with confidence. In November, we presented the Maybach GLS, the first SUV model from our exclusive Mercedes-Maybach brand. For our customers, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS combines the advantages of the popular GLS with the luxury of a high-end Saloon that Maybach customers are used to. Since the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Saloon was launched in 2015, more than 45,000 units of this model alone have been delivered to customers all over the world,” stated Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and of Mercedes-Benz AG responsible for Marketing & Sales.

A total of 82,123 cars with the star were delivered in the Europe region in November (+0.1). Since the beginning of the year, unit sales in the region increased by 0.6%. In Germany, the region’s core market, Mercedes-Benz sold 30,872 vehicles last month (+5.8%). From January to November, unit sales by the Stuttgart-based company with the star in its domestic market were 5.1% higher than in the prior-year period. Deliveries in Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal increased to a record level in November.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes-Benz set a new record in November with sales of 83,652 units (+11.0%). In the region’s core market, China, 57,901 customers were delighted to receive their new car with the star. This is the highest number of cars ever sold in a November by Mercedes-Benz in China and as well as double-digit growth (+11.0%). Since the beginning of the year sales there have continued to be at record levels with 640,933 units (+6.3%). Since the beginning of the year new sales records were also set in South Korea and Vietnam.

Deliveries in the NAFTA region increased last month by 7.7% to 38,601 units. Mercedes-Benz was able to deliver a total of 33,721 cars with the star in the core market of the USA in November and achieved significant growth of 8.7%. In addition, Mercedes-Benz was the highest-selling premium brand in the United States last month. For the first time in the year to date the Stuttgart-based company with the star reversed its sales trend in the USA: unit sales increased by 0.7%. Deliveries by Mercedes-Benz in Canada increased by a double-digit percentage last month.

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