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Mercedes-Benz ‘Service on Wheels’: Star service experience at your door step.

Mercedes Benz India has introduced their new innovative service program called the ‘Service on Wheels’ which literally change all the previous dimensions on the luxury car service experience. Team Flywheel got an opportunity to experience this first of its kind service program in the Indian luxury car industry. We were joined with the ‘Service on Wheel’ team in Chikmagalur camp, Karnataka, and got a chance to know more about this unique luxury car service initiative in India.

The ‘Service on Wheel’ is build on Bharat Benz 4023 tractor-trailor type truck with a state of the art service equipment and an exclusive customer lounge as seen in the Mercedes Benz dealerships.

Bharat Benz 4023 truck on service camp
Air conditioned Customer lounge with seating capacity of 6

How it benefit the customers!

The service on wheels mainly focused on Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India. In fact these cities might not have the easy access to Mercedes Benz service centers. On being notified, the mobile service truck visited the customer’s area and carry out the inspection, repairs and service of the car .

What all works undertaken !

  • Vehicle health check-up using Xentry diagnosis system.
  • Functional checks of vehicle interior and exterior system.
  • Checks for leakages and damages to the vehicle and in the engine compartment.
  • Check the correctness of oil and fluids.
  • Checking the health of tires.
  • Checking and adjusting coolant levels.
  • Oil and oil filter replacement.
  • Checking the poly V-belt.
  • Replacement of the dust filters.
  • Checking the condition of the axle, axle joints, suspension struts and springs
  • However, Intense repair works including the body and paint works cannot be done through the ‘Service on Wheel’ program

Equipment and Faculty

state of the art equipments for service works

service tools and spare parts facility

In-house pneumatic compressor and waste disposal system.

mobile lifting platform

In-house power generating equipments

Specially trained service advisors, VPC technicians, sales advisors are allocated with the ‘Service on Wheels’ setup. Literally we could perceive the same experience as in a real service centre. Refreshments are provided.Moreover, a small display of Mercedes Benz aftermarket products are available,so customer can also get a buyer experience too.

What anticipation does it given!

The ‘Service on Wheels’ was a whole new experience to us and also for the Mercedes Benz customers who visited there. The customers are happy with the hassle-free service experience at their door step.

This distinctive service program might be an eye-opener for the rest of the luxury car manufactures in India.The customer-centric approach made by Mercedes Benz on after-sales segment is quite appreciable. We should hope that more brands could come along with these kind of initiatives in the near future.

We are covering a full session of this unique service programme through our youtube channel ‘FlywheelTV ‘.Stay tuned for more updates.

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