Mercedes-Benz sharpens focus on emerging Tier II and Tier III markets; kicks-off a unique ‘Brand Tour’ across India

The Brand Tour will travel to 14 locations across India

Strengthening its outreach to the emerging Tier II and Tier III cities, India’s
largest luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz India, announced the launch of its
unique customer centric programme – ‘Mercedes-Benz Brand Tour’. Brand Tour
focuses on reaching out to regions with potential customers who have always aspired
to own a Mercedes-Benz, but have not had the chance to experience the brand due
to an absence of a showroom in their city. The Brand Tour aims at engaging with

customers by offering an overwhelming brand experience such as test-drives, off-
roading, and showcasing the entire product portfolio, along with providing Mercedes-
Benz Certified, Customer Service and flexible financial services.

A uniquely curated brand experience, Brand Tour acts as a brick and mortar
showroom for potential customers, enabling them to witness the world-renowned

Three Pointed Star experience. Mercedes-Benz commenced the Brand Tour by
travelling to Aurangabad, Udaipur and Allahabad and will travel to 11 more cities
including Haldwani, Ranchi, Arunachal, Shimla, Thirunalveli, Vizag, Gandhinagar.
Vapi, South Goa, Kannur and Shimoga.

Speaking on the occasion, Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-
Benz India said, “India’s growth has given a major economic boost to its Tier II and III

markets and with this growing economy, we now have an expanded customer base
and favourable wealth distribution in the country. Mercedes-Benz is known for its
customer centric approach, and Brand Tour is one such concept, which helps us,
creating a stronghold in the largely untapped Tier II and III emerging markets. With
Brand Tour we aim to unlock the market potential of smaller cities while providing
customers easy access to the unique and renowned Mercedes-Benz experience. We
are confident that the initiative will help the brand expand its footprint and penetrate
deeper into the Indian market.”
This initiative aims to enhance awareness, brand recall while connecting with
consumers at an interpersonal level. The locations of Brand Tour are selected
strategically based on demand and growing fondness for luxury brands in India’s
emerging cities. Brand Tour will have all the elements of a regular showroom such as
branding and audio-visuals, which will intrigue consumer interest at the venue. The
customers will be able to enjoy the thrill of off-roading and experience key features
and capabilities of Mercedes-Benz SUVs. They will also experience the pre-safe
features of Mercedes-Benz sedans – C-Class and E-Class. Customers can engross
themselves through special Mercedes-Benz applications, schemes, merchandise and
F&B available at the venue. Potential buyers can also test-drive cars, make enquiries
on service packages and make bookings on the spot.
Mercedes-Benz India is known for engaging with its customers at various stages and
through various retail programmes at a company or dealership level. Initiatives such
as Luxe Drive and Brand Tour help the company venture into newer markets and retain
its loyal customers. The company believes that these innovations will help them
compete in a market where traditional luxury norms are evolving by the day.

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