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Mercedes-Benz unveils their ESF 2019- The future of safety

The German car manufacturer who pioneered in inventing Industry first safety systems today announced their ESV, Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 (ESF in German) . Unlike the previous safety prototypes which chooses the brand topping S-Class as the breed, the 2019 iteration is showcased on the GLE. However, it looks Captivating with top drawing future safety tech! Especially the Artificial Intelligence incorporated with Autonomous Driving.

How it begins!

In the years close to 1960, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) was set a programme to reduce the growing number of fatalities on U.S. roadways. In response, the DOT began a program in 1968, urging automakers to develop Experimental Safety Vehicles (ESVs) and hosting the “Technical Conference of the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles.” Two years later, in 1970, the first standards for occupant protection in ESVs were set, and they included daunting front, rear and side impact standards. Mercedes-Benz was one of several manufacturers to rise to this challenge, and over the next years they built some substantial ESV’s with groundbreaking technologies.


Prototype NameYear
ESF 03 (Not officially Unveiled)1971
ESF 051971
ESF 131972
ESF 221973
ESF 241974
ESF 20092009
ESF 03 in 1971

First ESV based on a W114 sedan (ESF 13)

The Mercedes-Benz ESF 22 based on theW116 (S-Class) sedan
ESF 2009 based on W221 S-Class

For the sake of this industry best inventions, many of the experimental systems previewed in Mercedes-Benz’s ESF vehicles ultimately made it into production models, including anti-lock braking (which debuted as an option for the 1978 S-Class); airbags (include passenger airbags and side airbags); reinforced seatbacks with integrated and motion reducing headrests; automated seat belts (thankfully eliminated by the mid-1990s); seat belt pretensioners and force limiters; improved side impact protection; and even pictogram-labeled controls, designed to minimize driver distraction.Night View Assist Plus with Spotlight Function, introduced on the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (C216) in 2011. The Beltbag, introduced on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222) in 2013.

What’s inside ESF 2019!

In this era of Autonomous driving, the Safety should be go inline with Artificial Intelligence to out-turn better results. In that sense, the ESF 2019 has the right ingredients in its list.

All-round driver safety: When the ESF 2019 is driving in automated mode, the steering wheel and pedal cluster are retracted to reduce the risk of injury during a crash. The greater interior flexibility requires new ideas for restraint systems (seat-integrated belt) and airbags with alternative installation spaces (driver airbag in the dashboard, integral sidebag in the side bolsters of the seat backrests).

Cooperative communication with the environment: ESF 2019 takes human road users very much into consideration. Its sensors not only keep an eye on the traffic, it communicates in all directions and can also warn other road users. The ESF 2019 is also equipped with the revolutionary headlamp technology DIGITAL LIGHT, with practically dazzle-free high beam in HD quality and a resolution of more than two million pixels.

Child safety: With the child seat concept PRE-SAFE® Child, the seat belt is preventively tensioned and side-mounted impact protection elements are extended before a crash. This considerably reduces the loads acting on the child. Monitoring of seat installation and the child’s vital signs are other functions integrated into the seat.

Securing traffic hazards: The ESF 2019 shows how the scenes of accidents or breakdowns could be secured more safely with innovations such as a small robot that automatically emerges from the vehicle’s rear following an incident, and positions itself at the roadside as a warning triangle. Other ideas are a warning triangle that folds out of the vehicle roof at the same time, and the rear window as a communication surface.

New PRE-SAFE® functions: PRE-SAFE® Curve (which uses the belt tensioner to warn the driver that he/she has possibly underestimated an approaching bend) and PRE-SAFE® side lights with electro-luminescent paint can defuse potentially hazardous situations. PRE-SAFE® Impulse Rear is able to extend the protection of passengers and others involved in an accident at the end of a traffic tailback.

Safety and comfort in the rear: An innovative rear airbag uses a special new inflation concept to deploy and position the airbag. It has a special tubular structure for this purpose. With belt-feeders, belt buckle illumination, USB belt buckles and belt heating, the ESF 2019 implements a number of ideas by which passengers on the rear seats might be motivated to wear seat belts using new methods.

Active safety: Active Brake Assist with extended functions in the ESF 2019 provides additional protection, especially in potentially dangerous traffic situations with unprotected road users. When turning, it now also detects pedestrians and cyclists moving in parallel to the original direction of travel. If a collision with unprotected road users crossing the road into which the vehicle is turning is imminent, the driver receives a visual and audible warning.

Autonomous braking is initiated if the driver fails to react. The same also applies if there are any cyclists in the blind spot when turning to the right. If there is a risk of collision with cross-traffic when turning off or crossing a road, the system now prevents the driver from moving off and, if necessary, stops the vehicle, including from walking speed, by means of autonomous braking.

The 360° pedestrian protection system warns and assists while parking and manoeuvring if there is a risk of collision with more vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists), right up to autonomous braking.

Repositioned Seat Belt position provides better comfort and belt fits to the body as closely as possible in all seating positions.

In conclusion, This would be the perfect safety forecast for the future of mobility.Moreover, In the near future, we will see Mercedes production models will incorporate these outrageous technology into their marque.

Courtesy: Hemmings Daily, Diamler Media

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