Mercedes Benz V Class Spotted For The First Time In India

Mercedes V Class is the new luxury MPV which is already goes sale in UAE, USA and Europe


The ace German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is known for their bold, stylish and sporty cars in all shapes and sizes. Their portfolio is one of the best in the world leading from the legendary G-wagon to the all-time favourite S-Class. How about a minivan featuring Benz badging on the front grill? So, after A, B, C, E, G and S it is the all-new V-Class. Yes, the Mercedes Benz has taken their luxury parameters to a whole new level. This new Mercedes V-Class is capable enough to start a league of their own as they have turned a commercial van into something like a luxury truckster.

Mercedes V-Class was originally known as Viano or Vito, which was initially launched as a light commercial van. The car sports a Mercedes V250 petrol and diesel variants. It is available in 4 trims like V-Class, V-Class AVANTGARDE, V-Class EXCLUSIVE and AMG line. Aesthetically, the car shares major cosmetic components from C and E-Class sedans, which is easily visible on the exterior. All V250’s are equipped with seven seats as standard, which includes two bucket seat upfront, a pair of captain chairs at the middle and a bench seat on third-row. However, customers can customize it to 6 or 8-seater.


Interestingly, this particular car was spotted in Pune bearing a Maharashtra registration plate (Thanks to the watchful eyes of Team ESSI). This had elevated the hopes of Indian entry of this luxury minivan.
Altogether, this people move from Mercedes could be a great addition to the Benz line-up in India. However, Mercedes Benz India Ltd is yet to make a final call regarding the official launch of this car in the Indian soil.

Photo Courtesy : Team ESSI

Mercedes Benz V-Class Preview:

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