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New battery system provides better driver comfort and more reliable starts

The new battery system has two separate battery sets – one for starting the engine, and the other for all other in-cab electrical equipment. The starter battery’s only function is to crank the engine and is not affected by power consumption in the rest of the truck. All other functions such as the parking heater, parking cooler, refrigerator, media system and personal equipment including laptops, mobile phones and tablets, are powered by separate gel batteries.

By using gel technology, the new battery solution can meet the increasingly high energy requirements demanded by many customers today. Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, gel technology has the ability to maintain high concentrations of energy for long periods of time. The new gel batteries offer a far longer service lifetime than conventional lead-acid batteries, as well as more charging cycles. In fact, during tough cycles, the gel batteries will last at least 10-15 times longer.

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