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New S-Class to be the first production car to feature rear airbags

One of many safety techs featuring on Mercedes new flagship model

The new S-class which is expected to debut in the latter part of the year, is undoubtedly going to be Mercedes flagship model. The launch of the S-class always showed some new fancy features which ater come into other models as well. Mercedes has already unveiled the MBUX infotainment system, in yesterday’s unveil event, Mercedes showed a number of other features like – rear-seat airbag in a production car.

Part of the S-Class Executive Rear Seat Package, these airbags pop out of the back of the front seats. Mercedes has explained that a gas inflates “a wing-shaped structure”. It is at this point that a tent like airbag deploys between the two wings. The specific tubular structure of the rear seat airbags is very different from what you find in the front. In comparison to traditional airbags, these airbags inflate with comparatively low force and low risk of injury.

Like other production cars, is the rear seat airbags which works in conjunction with S-class inflatable seatbelt. Speaking of seatbelts, it is told that the S-class will be available with “illuminated design belt buckles”. This will make it easier to locate the seatbelts in the dark.

Another interesting feature is the S-class ability to raise itself by 3 inches in the event of a side impact collision, this feature was first found in the Audi A8. The S-class will also be the latest Mercedes Benz to get a 48-volt chassis tech, this opens the door for a number of functions. The S-class will get the same E-active body control system as the GLE class and GLS class SUV’s. Also onboard will be Mercedes Curve driving mode in which the car will actively lean into bends. This inturn will cancel out motion sickness.

In the S-class, the 48-volt architecture unlocks Road Surface Scan, which uses stereo multipurpose cameras to read the road ahead of the car and it adjusts the suspension accordingly. Then there is the interesting feature of rear axle steering, which again is not entirely new but what it does is that it eases to maneuver this long sedan. Mercedes claims that it has helped reduce the turning radius by 7 feet. It means that a full sized sedan like the S-class has a turning circle of less than 36 feet.

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