Okinawa’s latest e-scooter ‘Praise’ breaks all notions of e-scooters

Change, often, is fast, surprising and in Okinawa’s case, electrifying. India’s fastest growing electric-two wheeler manufacturing company, which has made a habit of breaking new grounds in technological innovation, has announced its latest e-scooter ‘Praise’ , which is being hailed as a revolution in the e-vehicle domain. It is available for pre-booking from the 24th of November across all authorized dealerships in India at an extremely affordable pre-booking amount of INR 2000. HDFC bank would be offering an easy financing options to increase customer access to the eco-friendly, high performance and sustainable mode of transport. Praise is Okinawa’s premium offering as the favoured e-scooter for India’s next generation. With futuristic design, unparalleled engineering, state-of-the-art technology and a unique aesthetic, industry veterans are already describing ‘Praise’ as the definitive e-scooter for future commuting purposes.

Clocking the highest speed and the longest range yet achieved by an e-scooter, Praise has invalidated the previously held notions of an e-vehicle not delivering on either performance or mileage. Okinawa’s exemplary technology and ergonomics has also made ‘Praise’ a treat to maneuver, and it is equipped with the most advanced safety and security features to give the riders a smooth riding experience. Fitted with side stand sensors with an in-built safety feature, anti-theft sensor in the main stand, Combi brakes –  the Praise is fully equipped to ensure riders travel safe and secure & to make the Rider feel proud with EABS Technology making it the Next generation technology. With a launch scheduled next month, Okinawa is gearing up to provide its latest match-winning product to a plethora of buyers. The inexpensive pre-booking amount will also endear Praise to a large number of customers.  A myth-breaker and a technological marvel, Praise is sure to electrify the Indian roads and help them zip towards a sustainable future.

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