Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge debuted in India

At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presented Black Badge; a permanent Bespoke family of motor cars that defined the taste patterns of an emerging generation of super-luxury consumer. These unapologetic and highly dynamic products responded to those who refused to be defined by traditional codes of luxury and did much to attract new customers to the marque, reassured by Rolls-Royce’s fluency in their bold aesthetic and uncompromising lifestyle requirements. 

This highly successful alter ego is codified by the mathematical symbol that represents a potential infinity, which is placed discreetly within the motor car’s interior. This marking, known also as the lemniscate, was applied to Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking Rolls-Royce-powered Blue Bird K3 hydroplane, denoting that it belonged to an insurance class reserved for boats with unlimited and therefore infinite engine power. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars selected this hallmark for Black Badge to reflect its own unrelenting pursuit of power. 

Rolls-Royce debuted Black Badge with Wraith and Ghost in 2016 followed by Dawn in 2017. Today, the family is completed for the first time in India with the introduction of Black Badge Cullinan in New Delhi: the darkest and most urban statement of Black Badge yet. Throughout history India has been influential to Rolls-Royce by being a proving ground with events such as the Bombay – Kolhapur Motor Trial and the Mysore Cup. Rolls-Royce was the natural motor car of choice for India’s Maharajas.

Yadur Kapur, CEO for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars New Delhi said: “Rolls-Royce Black Badge is transformative for us here in North India and addresses a new breed of customer. The customer is generally younger and more adventurous, and is aligned to the emergence of younger, successful Indian entrepreneurs. Black Badge Cullinan is perfect for our customers who dare to be different, yet also enjoy the versatility of the most ultra-luxurious, bespoke SUV in the world.”

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