Sean Mitchell Sets A New Range Record With Its Tesla Model 3

It took 32 hours to set a new range record of 606.2 miles

There is some exciting news coming up all the way from the USA. The hypermiling test of Sean M Mitchell with his new Tesla Model 3 is everywhere on the internet. Sean sets a new range record of 606.2 miles by beating his own previous record with a single charge. Even Elon Musk hailed the test team on his official Twitter account.

The duo Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait started off their journey on Friday, May 25. They found a route near Denver, Colorado with only 10-foot elevation change which was a one-mile loop. The pair did minimal stoppage to use the bathroom and kept driving. Interestingly, they used a fishing net to pick up beverages and food which was thrown into the net by their friend David as they drove by. So, they just drove around the block at some 20 to 30 mph until the battery died. It took them 32 hours in total with an incredible 606.2 miles (975 km) range. Weirdly, the car was showing a lower percentage than expected and died at 66 kWh instead of 75.

When they were done, their Model 3 was towed into the nearby service center and left it charged overnight at a supercharger. Unfortunately, it is still not taking a charge.

Source: InsideEV

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