Spy shot’s of New Mercedes S Class 2020

The New Mercedes S-Class is already in its final stage of road test, finalizing the details for its launch in 2020. Packed with technology, the new Mercedes flagship wants to be the benchmark of the market.

The new generation of the Mercede S Class has already begun its development. It will reach the market at the end of 2020. With internal code W223, the flagship of the German brand will once again be an example of on-board technology.

These spy photos show a prototype in which the headlights are the only detail left in sight. Very camouflaged, they will follow the sharp line of those of the latest Mercedes development, such as Class A, with some heritage also from the Maybach Vision Luxury Ultimate Concept.

In the rear part still assembles the typical optical groups of the first test phases, although these give an idea of which will be mounted in later development phases horizontal biting the lid of the trunk and joined from left to right with a ribbon of LED. The liner of the windows, the roof and the general shape of the silhouette are the production model.

As seen in the image the door handle bars are hidden behind a kind of boxes,The shape of the grill, being the first model of the brand to have the hexagonal shape softened, although it will maintain the horizontal shape of the slats.

With more interior space, the new Mercedes S-Class will also lose weight by having an evolution of the modular propulsion platform, called MRA 2,and more aluminum and carbon fiber panels reinforced with plastic(CFRP).

The new S-Class will have versions of gasoline,diesel and two plug-in hybrids.There is no news about an electric version, However its is expected that a fully electric version may come under the EQS. But all its electric and electronic network will be configured as 48 V.

Inside the new S-Class it is expected,with a screen that will extend transversely across the dashboard, and integrated into the door panels, which will be completely digital, some parallels with the dashboard of the Maybach 6 Concept.

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