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After successful Pilot run, Shuttl Announces Complete Roll Out of Home-Check

A Feature Ensuring Women’s Safety on all 500 buses on all 500 buses in NCR

Shuttl, has successfully tested and rolled out its Home – Check feature, on all its 500 buses across NCR. Part of the company’s suite of technology-enabled SAFE (Secure Anxiety Free Experience) solutions, Home–Check is designed to ensure last mile safety. Since women passengers, post a bus-stop drop off, have to still make their way home by walking, talking an auto, or by taking a cab, there is an additional need to assure safety till they arrive at their final destination. Home – Check was built to assure safety by monitoring this last leg of women’s commute.

When the user opts for ‘Home-Check’ through their booking confirmation SMS, they are able to confirm their details through a URL sent to them. The user then inputs their emergency contact details and tentative time period by which they expect a call from Shuttl to confirm that they have safety arrived to their destination. The company will then follow up with the user at the exact time entered through an IVR call. In case the commuter does not answer, another will go directly to the emergency contact number registered with Shuttl.

Last year, Shuttl had launched SAFE, which included, several features, like face recognition software that authenticates passengers and drivers; GPS tracking for geo-fenced routes; real-time CCTV feeds which trigger an auto-alert directly to the control room in the event of an urgent situation as well physical and app-based SOS panic buttons that activate an emergency call and response. Home Check adds to these features to ensure women can experience a safe working commute.

Safe transport is closely related to women working outside their homes—and thus has a direct impact on India’s national economy and women’s economic empowerment. A Thompson Reuters Foundation report had earlier found that of India’s 5.5 million women entering the workforce each year, over 50% expressed high concern about the safety of their commutes.[1] Women and Child Development Ministry has also spoken about the critical need to make public and private transport safe for women so that they can safely and productively participate in India’s economy. [2] Shuttl’s ambition is to leverage technology and shared mobility to solve the problem of unsafe commutes and increase women’s participation in the workforce.

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