Technology highlights of the new Touareg

The Touareg's thermal imaging camera can detect endangered persons and wild animals at night sooner than any human being

The new Touareg will be released onto the market packed with a range of innovations designed to help minimise dangerous situations. The new Touareg is the first Volkswagen model available with the Night Vision assist system. A thermal image camera (infrared camera) integrated at the front of the car registers infrared radiation coming from a living organism. If this camera detects people or animals, the assistant warns the driver within the limits of the system. This reduces the risk of endangering pedestrians, especially when away from well-lit city streets.

A detailed look at the system’s features: the infrared camera can register objects such as standing, non-concealed pedestrians, cyclists and larger wild animals at a range of 10 to 130 metres in front of the car. Once they reach a defined corridor or – in the case of people – once they are able to enter this corridor due to their trajectory, the driver is alerted via a screen in the Digital Cockpit – the Touareg’s digital instrument panel.

Outside the risk corridor, passers-by and animals are highlighted in yellow in the black and white image created by the night vision system. If they traverse certain boundaries along the road, the figures marked yellow become red. Even if the display for the Night Vision system is not activated in the Digital Cockpit, the screen automatically switches to this mode when danger is detected and at speeds exceeding 50 km/h, and displays people and animals in red. At speeds of less than 50 km/h, a red warning signal lights up in the instrument panel without an active display. In addition, an acoustic warning is issued in parallel in the (optional) head-up display (red signal). At the same time, the braking system is pre-set to immediately provide the highest deceleration rate.

Source : Volkwagen

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