Tesla Model X Spotted in India for the first time

In automotive segment, it is very tough for a new company to become so popular in limited time. But Tesla captured mind of enthusiasts and tech community with their models featuring performance for enthusiasts and technology for tech geeks. In India also, Tesla is popular thanks to internet. Now the first Tesla Model has landed in India and it is the Model X. The model was spotted in Mumbai port and it is imported by Greenwich Meridian Logistics.

Romours are that the Model X was imported by a customer in Mumbai for personal use. The Model X is already an expensive and thanks to import duties the owner might have payed more than 2 Crore. This one might be base 75D variant which didn’t get Ludicrous mode for high speed acceleration like other variants. But the tablet like infotainment system and Falcon doors can also turn heads. One of the problems for Tesla coming to India is infrastructure as the lack of charging stations is the biggest hurdle for Tesla in India.

Here is our Exclusive Review of Tesla Model X from Dubai

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