The 2020 Bently Flying Spur’s first time teaser is out.

The 2020 Bently Flying Spur is almost on its way to the production line-up. The new teaser showcases the long bonnet and overhang rear end more obvious. Moreover, the new electrically deployable flying B-badge with illumination.

The teaser is comprised of a photo/video section, as showned above, which illustrates the design cues of the car through the character lines. It is clear that the Bentley retained most of the iconic design elements from its predecessor. The generation-shift can be much resembles to how the Continental GT evolved, Yes we all do not expect a complete overhaul, In fact, the existing design is that much complementary.

The next most anticipating quest is on the powerhouse! As the Mercedes Benz recently announced the disposal of V12 in the future generations. Will Bentley compelled to do so?. It is said from the unofficial reports that Bentley will keep the hefty W12 powerhouse, which shared with Audi A8.The possibilities for a new PHEV is not so far!

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