The mighty Mercedes G-class obtained exemplary 5 star ratings from EuroNCAP

G-class has been an iconic off-roader in the Mercedes Benz lineup since from its launch in 1979. Now in 2019 after the 40 years of its success journey, it is proven that the car is not just concerned about its skills in rough terrains but it has a greater potential in terms of safety.

The European New Car Assessment Program(EuroNCAP) is famed for its legacy in determining the safety potentials of market-new vehicles.Recently, they have assessed the 2019 facelifted G-class with a star rating of 5. It does means that the car is ‘overall good performance in crash protection and well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology’.

It is quite rewarded that the car like G-class, which has a overall boxy structure is managed to achieve a good score in the different impact tests. It is even noticeable that the pedestrian impact protection scored 27 out of 36 points and the vulnerable road users protection scored 10.4 out of 12. Furthermore, The adult occupant safety and the child occupant safety measures have the safety outcome of 90% and 83% respectively.

Finally, G-class has proven its sublime capability in transporting your family or lovable ones with much more peace of mind. It is clear that G-class’ excellency in design engineering and the availability of mainstream safety equipment make it a perfect choice as an all-rounder SUV .

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