The sturdy V12 BMW powerplant will continue untill 2023.

According to the Head of power train for the BMW 7 series, Michael Bayer, the hefty V12 engine in the 7 series will continue at least the year 2023. As Mercedes Benz is already announced their last iteration of V12 by the ‘Final edition S65’ now BMW is compelled to continue their V12 marque at least for four years. In fact, BMW would have some gain over AMG by doing so.

The upcoming emission and efficiency norms might be the primary reason for most of the manufactures to become reluctant to V12. Moreover, the Hybrid electric power trains also have great influence.

It is also necessary for BMW to keep the V12 power plant, since the company owned Rolls-Royce brand uses the same Block for their cars. So, get rid of the V12 arena is not just a simple task,they have to consider it in a sensible way. Furthermore, the potential market like China is always thrive for the V12 badges.

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