The upcoming Land rover Defender’s design cues are much obvious through its Instrument cluster.

The forthcoming Defender is one of the most anticipated models in the Auto industry. Now, the design cues are more evident through its Instrument cluster’s spy shots.

Land rover has been extensively testing their new defender model ahead of its production commencement.Now the latest images reveals the side profile much clear.Thanks to the design engineers who retained the boxy shape which in fact make the righteous rivalry with Mercedes G-Wagon.

DC 100 Concept

The new defender take few design proportions from the DC100 concept showcased in 2011. Moreover, the iconic boxy contours is well sculptured with modern design elements.

The key elements to be noticed are the provision above the c-pillar for a glass mounted roof,Rear mounted spare wheel, Squred Side mirror in retro design with black color, The vent at the front fender and the prominent bulge in the from bumper.

what hold the road wheels and chassis!

While the car is marque under the off-road platform. what to expect in the suspension side! Surprisingly another set of spy pictures revealed that the new defender is testing with both Air bellows and coil springs.

That’s some good news for hardcore offroaders, they could definitely go for the standard springs instead of computer controlled air springs.

Interior equipment

The interior is somewhat the fine integration of contemporary tech gadgets in a retro room. Especially when come to the steering wheel, it look very traditional with the 4 spoke setup, however it has all the modern day controls within it.

The gear lever and A/C controls were incorporated in a horizontal panel, which leads to increased centre console volume.the squared ORVM’s are evident from the interior