Toyota Kirloskar Motor bags CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2018 

Bangalore, 28th December 2018 Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) was recently honoured with the prestigious award for‘Significant Achievement in Environment Management’awarded by CII-ITC Centre for Excellence for Sustainable Development [CESD] under the category ‘Environment Domain’of CII ITC Sustainability Award 2018. The company is awarded for its multifold efforts recognizing the eco strengthens in incorporating green technologies for production, optimization of renewable energy utilization within the plant, its green product portfolio and handholding its supply chain partners in enhancing their environmental performance.

Toyota leads through its long-term objectives towards carbon neutral value chain, thus creating a positive impact on the environment. TKM also engages with its dealer partners in establishing eco-systems to attain sustainability in its dealer operations at various regions across India.

Environment Conservation is inherent in the Toyota culture. Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s vision, philosophy and guidelines are true reflections of its commitment for a sustainable future. Its focused on achieving harmony between its manufacturing activities and the environment based on the concept of ‘a plant that optimally utilizes natural resources while operating in harmony with the natural environment’.

TKM aspire to be the most loved and admired automobile company in India by following the Toyota-way philosophy. Toyota has consistently exhibited its relentless commitment to add value through its world class systems and processes. TKM works consistently towards making quality cars, built to international quality standards, yet keeping in mind the local sensitivities. Toyota is committed to manufacture technically advanced and environment-friendly products. TKM’s ISO 14001 certified plant at Bidadi, Karnataka is surrounded by a green belt and meets high environmental standards. The company embeds sustainability across all our business practices and constantly strived to implement best practices that promote reuse, reduce & recycle of wastes within the manufacturing plant.

TKM’s plant facility 2 has been established based on Toyota Eco-Factory Concept, designed to contribute towards reducing overall environmental impact based on the concept of “Monozukiri” (Manufacturing in Harmony with Environment]. Through its philosophy of “KAIZENS”, TKM drives continuous improvement in its environmental performance with active participation of employees in bringing the change. Through its globally advanced & innovative technologies – Toyota manufactures & offers world-class fuel efficient, quality vehicles such as Camry Strong Hybrid. Further, Toyota always looks forward to bringing in more of such technologies which aims to reduce the impact on the eco-system.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mr. B. Padmanabha, Vice President – Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “With our advanced eco-initiatives in 2017-18, we were able to source 85% of our total energy consumed from renewable energy. In the same year, we have met 94% of our total water requirement from recycled water and harvested rain water. We have also moved beyond our operational boundaries with a view to spread our eco-spirit throughout the supply chain and community. Through our efforts, we are glad that we are moving towards a sustainable future for all. This award further inspires to continue our focus on building a greener mobility for the nation.”

On receiving this award, Senior Vice President and Environment Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor – Mr. Raju B Ketkale said, “Since its foundation, Toyota has continuously strived to contribute to the sustainable development of society through manufacturing of Innovative-Quality products and services leading the times.

Toyota always believes in the philosophy of ‘Respect the Planet’ and has meticulously endeavored to work towards the betterment of the environment. We are committed for our vision of greener tomorrow and have announced our long-term commitment towards the Society and Environment through our Global Environment Challenge 2050. TKM has been able to prove its eco commitments with continuous improvements in Environmental Performance year-on-year.

Moving beyond our boundaries of operations, Toyota is committed to establish the society that will be in harmony with nature and recognize the importance of Environmental Education in achieving this vision. In line with this belief, we have developed the program of “Education for Sustainable Development” and established an experience-based learning center “Ecozone”. The Ecozone will be a tool to spread Toyota eco-spirit to the society where our stakeholders including the school children will be educated on the current environmental issues and try to impart positive behavioral changes in the young citizens. We have recently started the education program in this 25-acre eco park for the Government school children and will be reaching out to other stakeholders in the days to come.”

Guided by Toyota’s Global Environmental Challenge 2050 that aims to reduce CO2 emissions to ZERO, Toyota Kirloskar Motor further up-scaled its various eco-initiatives in and around its manufacturing facility. Toyota has decided to challenge itself to reduce vehicles CO2 emissions to ZERO by 2050. From fuel efficient vehicle to developing ever better eco-technologies and approaches, TKM focuses on environmentally sustainable solutions in every business operation and every vehicle that is manufactured.

The Toyota Environment Challenge 2050, which is developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, aims to have new vehicle zero CO2 emissions; zero CO2 emissions throughout vehicle lifecycle, plants with zero CO2; challenge of minimizing and optimizing water usage; establishing a recycling based society and system and establishing a future society in harmony with nature. Toyota Kirloskar Motor India has aligned its environmental activities in line with these challenges and is recognized as a “Eco-model Plant” aligning with its second challenge of “Plant with ZERO Co2” among the Asia Pacific affiliates of Toyota.

Instituted in 2006, the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards recognizes and rewards excellence in businesses that are seeking ways to be more sustainable and inclusive in their activities. CII CESD has developed an awarding framework based on the EFQM [European Foundation for Quality Management] Business Excellence Model and the organizations are evaluated against this framework. Winners of this award are India’s Most Sustainable role models creating benchmark, inspiring all business entities to follow. This award is a part of the continued efforts of CESD to create awareness on sustainability practices and to generate capacities in business.

In continuation to the above efforts, TKM also follows the approach of Learn, Perform and Drive to develop the Eco-Mind of employees. In addition to creating awareness, TKM also involve its employees physically in afforestation drives, environment month promotion and other Eco CSR activities with an intent to bring a sense of ownership towards the environment.

Some of the key sustainable plant initiatives are the afforestation drive which includes plantation of 2.75 lakh saplings inside the premises, utilization of best available technology and promotion of eco-activities such as on-site rainwater harvesting pond of capacity 51,000 cubic meter meets 19% of our total water requirement. In addition to this, our modern effluent treatment plant further recycles about 63% of treated effluent, thereby reducing the dependency on freshwater usage. TKM will further continue to evolve & adopt eco touch in its every business operation towards creating more happier society for people to live in.

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