Volkswagen brand launches new global Website

  • Central worldwide website for all Volkswagen customers in new brand design
  • Greatly simplified navigation and highly personalized offerings
  • New configurator opens up route to personal vehicle with significantly fewer clicks
  • Website live in 24 markets – rollout in a total of 120 markets by mid-2020

Wolfsburg – Following the world premiere of its new brand design at the IAA International Motor Show, the Volkswagen brand has now launched its new global website. In future, this website will present all the content and offerings with respect to models, services, configuration, test drives, financing, used cars and many other items on a single platform. It will therefore be the central point of call for all customers of the brands Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles throughout the world. The content is clearly structured and the highly simplified navigation system functions intuitively.

The offering is highly personalised. With the new configurator, customers can now reach their personal vehicle with significantly fewer clicks. The website has already gone live in 24 markets and rollout in a total of 120 markets is to be completed by mid-2020.

“Our new website is the key element in Volkswagen’s new digital strategy. The objective is to provide an even better service to our customers through more efficient communications,” says Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. “To a very large extent, we are taking our orientation from people’s media usage behavior, which is currently being fundamentally transformed. Topics such as digital content marketing, personalisation and digital ecosystems have really gained momentum.”

“With our new digital platform, we have created for the first time a central gateway to the world of Volkswagen which will pool all the content of the brand,” explains Candido Peterlini, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Volkswagen Passenger Cars. “The website is strongly data-driven. This means that we can create user journeys based on the specific interests and needs of each individual user.”

Thanks to the personal Volkswagen ID available to users on request, their communication with Volkswagen will become considerably more efficient. This means that users will, in future, seethe content and functions which are interesting and relevant for them at any time on the basis of their previous use of the Volkswagen website. 

For example, if a user mainly looks at electric models, the website will present all the available information on e-mobility on his or her next visit. In addition to model descriptions, this will also include the content of the former ID. Hub, which has been integrated in the new website. Furthermore, a new EV check app aiming to combat prejudices against electric vehicles will be available.

The heart of the new website is the newly developed configurator which can now be found directly on the individual model pages. Compared with its predecessors, which called for a defined, detailed and time-consuming process, users will now always start with a preconfigured basic vehicle which they can modify with very few clicks to reach their own personalised vehicle – in a number of adjustable steps.

The website was developed and tested in cooperation with users. The offerings and functions of the website will be continuously developed. For example, the next step will to be to integrate an e-commerce function allowing seamless initiation of the purchasing process following the completion of vehicle configuration. In future, the Volkswagen website will be a digital platform closely linking users, the manufacturer, dealers, vehicles and services.

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