Volkswagen ‘Winter Project Car’ with rear-engine, rear wheel drive, purpose-built for track unveiled at Madras Motor Race Track.

Volkswagen Motorsport India team has grown by leaps and bounds in the last nine years. The team has gone from using cars developed in Germany to researching and developing cars from scratch in India with its own engineers. Between seasons, the team is always looking for new challenges during the ‘winter break’ and to mark its entry into the 10th year, Volkswagen Motorsport India decided to take the game to another level! The team huddled and zeroed in on a ‘Winter Project’ car that was something different, special and completely out of the box to deliver an exciting car for the motorsport enthusiasts.

This new car is beyond any limitation of racing regulations and that is what makes its apt for a track day. For the first time in India, Volkswagen Motorsport team has built a powerful, rear-engine, rear wheel drive Polo for ultimate adrenaline rush! The car, built in a Polo body shell, is equipped with Ameo Cup car’s 1.8- litre TSI engine and sequential gear box with paddle shifters. The challenge of redesigning the entire drivetrain for the new configuration was an extremely tough task for the team. They started with creating the right mounts for the engine, gearbox and the suspension at the back.

The turbocharged engine’s intercooler had to be placed underneath the rear seats. Further, special air ducts had to be installed to maintain air flow to the engine at the back. Similarly, special pipes and ducts to get the cooling and fuel system functioning had to be designed and built with extreme precision. With the intercooler occupying the designated space of fuel tank, the latter had to be moved to the front of the car and connect it to the engine at the back. A lot of development work went into designing the wire harness routing and systems integration. In addition to this, quite a bit of development went into the suspension system to be able to get the car to handle the way the driver wanted.

The ‘Winter Project’ car is a special one-off build that can be bought by customers for track day purposes. Since the car does not fit in any racing regulations at the moment, it cannot be used for competitive purposes. In the future however, the car can be adapted to regulations to suit various forms of motorsports such as autocross, circuit racing or rallying.

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