Yamaha launched ‘Call of the Blue’ -The season 2 of its brand campaign.

Yamaha launched the season 2 of its brand campaign The Call of the Blue on August 1, 2019. It was closely followed by the first on ground motorcycling event that was arranged at Four Points by Sheraton, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu on August 4, 2019 witnessed electrifying hours of motorcycling excitement as more than 190 riders from Blue Streaks joined to the experience of Yamaha’s racing excitement.

The riders had started from various Yamaha showrooms in Chennai at the break of dawn and while covering a distance of 60 kilometers, reached Mahabalipuram over the breakfast tour. The on ground event was precisely maneuvered in order to have exclusive recourse for motorcycling enthusiasts. Gymkhana riding, engagements and competitions along with Yamaha apparels and accessories offered for sale were arranged at the venue. The global official sponsor of Yamaha racing, Monster Energy had also joined the event to endorse the overall excitement.

The day long activity with breakfast touring, on ground motorcycling competitions that were laid over the exciting, stylish and sporty attributes of Yamaha came out with a very different excitement in 2019. Gradually as Yamaha is keen to build the momentum of the brand’s soul-stirring excitement in India similar to its racing excitement found globally, this year’s event turned out to be an unrestricted motorcycling euphoria throughout an action packed day. The company will plan more of such events in coming time.

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