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Maruti Suzuki Swift’s motoring tales on ICOTY Success drive- Team Flywheel

We started our epic journey from a cultural centre in the Coromandel coast of south India, yes! it is none other than Chennai. After the sensational flag off ceremony, we set off from Chennai with our motoring companion and above all the 2019 ICOTY champion, the all new Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The crew was lead by our Chief-editor Mr.Hani Musthafa along with our editor Mr.Aravind Sasidaran. We were en route on SH49 which is commonly known as East coast road (E C R). We got a sublime coastal ride experience during this stretch on the way to our primary destination Mahabalipuram. This historic Tamil town is also known by its name Mamallapuram and occupied with some magnificent ancient monuments. It was very effortless to maneuver the car through the crowded towns of Mahabalipuram, thanks to the swift’s nimble steering and demanding turning radius.

We are literally on the task to draw a GPS art, so the navigation is an inevitable thing to us. In fact, the stock navigation in the swift’s infotainment system really plays well. The GPS is very responsive, and the system commands us conscientiously through our pre-planned route. Furthermore, in the interior, we get plenty of room to keep our belongings. The 268 liters boot space is very advantageous as compared to the previous generation model. The climate control system worked well to knock down the soaring outside temperature, so we keep relaxed throughout the journey.

After a couple of hours of the journey, we finally reached our second halt, Puducherry. It was a stunning tourist destination and the remains of old French colonization is evident throughout. We were pleased to enjoy some continental French cuisines and left the place thereafter. Now the road terrains are changing, we got entered into some narrow stretches and potholes become more obvious. Fortunately, Swift’s suspension absorbs the road shocks well. Moreover, the ergonomic seating position and the all-around visibility really make the ride more interesting though.

With the sun setting behind us, we were about to reach our final destination, Nagapattinam. On the mid way to there, we found a pristine place called Nagur which is famed for its miracle mosque known as Nagur Dargah. We spent a few hours there and delighted to watch the religious harmony of Nagur Dargah. The swift still keeps agile for its final span of the voyage and we surprisingly notice the 23 kmpl fuel economy on the instrument cluster.

We finally arrived at our destination point Velankanni, which is 12 km south of Nagapattinam town. There we had a small visit to the famous shrine called ‘Basilica of our lady of good health’ and thereafter had a delightful dinner with the local seafood cuisines.

It was really an end of a remarkable journey in the pursuit of drawing the GPS art. We covered almost 380 km and noticeably we had no more issues throughout the journey. We managed to complete the GPS art in the given time. The drivability of all-new Swift makes our venture even more facile. We are fortunate enough to become a part of this milestone journey and feel honored to draw the ‘T’ for the #SwiftICOTYDrive.

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